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3 phase rectification design

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For twenty years depending on the abundant transformer resources of science and technology,and the good supporting environment of high tech Zone, gathering and integrating the technological advantages of the Chinese and foreign automatic control technology, Xi’an Zhongkai Power Rectifier Co., Ltd. has become a famous high-tech enterprise with the ability of R&D, design, manufacture and sales in the production of High Current Rectifier (HRC), medium frequency power supply,high power high frequency power supply and Automation control system,which usded in Electrochemical, Metal smelting, water electrolysis, graphitizing furnace and Silicon carbide smelting. And the enterprise has obtained the supporting of Xi'an high tech Development Zone Administrative Committee.
The main parameters of our Thyristor / Diode High Current Rectifiers for Industrial Applications:
A)Voltage Specification:  5V - 3000V
B)  Current Specification:  300A - 240000A
C)  Output Current Adjusting Range: 0 - 1000A
D)  Rectifier Efficiency
Regulated Voltage(V)1636751002003154005006308009201000
Rectifier Efficiency(%)90929395969797.59898.59999.299.5
3 phase rectification design
asked Nov 22, 2017 by anonymous

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