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China plastic masterbatch factory

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Full Color Masterbatch for Film Used in Surface Protection (auto Parts, Electrical Appliance, Electronic Parts, Building Profile, Furniture Etc.)
Film Masterbatch Product Technical Features
• Pretreatment of pigments to get good dispersion
• High shear dispersion technology to ensure quality and stability
•  High quality pigments and dispersants to ensure that the pigment does not migrate and does not precipitate
• Do not affect the printing performance and composite fastness
• Masterbatch for food packaging meets FDA requirements
1、Film Masterbatch used in surface protection
The film masterbatch mainly provides color for plastic products, gives it a beautiful
appearance, or provides cover performance. Its application areas as below:
• industrial protective film: for automotive, electrical appliances, electronics, construction profiles, furniture and other products, surface protection, to avoid surface damage in the processing and transportation.
Product Code Color / Type ApplicationFeature
SF870 SF871Standard whiteself-adhesive film,protective film,
express packaging film,packaging filmTio2 70%,
excellent dispersion
EF82610Standard whiteprotective film,general use filmTio2 60%,
excellent dispersion
SF850Economy whiteshopping bag,industrial protective filmTio2 50%,
excellent dispersion
EF62796 EF62954Gray Apricotexpress bag,protective filmexcellent dispersion
EF62997 EF62876Silver grayexpress bag,protective film,
metal imitation filmexcellent dispersion
SF610 SF612Standard blackself-adhesive film,protective film,
packaging film, agricultural filmCarbon black 42~45%,
no color dot,good dispersion
EF seriesCustomized colorsprotective film,
packaging filmmatch user’s colorsChina plastic masterbatch factory


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